A word report template is the fundamental structure, available in Microsoft Word or any other word processor and software application, on the basis of which an actual report is formulated. The word report template helps one to create a report regarding any topic by filling up the blank spaces already present in the template. These headings with blank spaces serve as a guideline which can be used by one make a report, although certain modifications can be made to suit one’s requirements. There can be different types of report templates based on what one is looking for or what the topic is.

Sample Word Report Template:

Name of report:

Submitted by:



[Mention title and subtitle and the name of the person submitting the report.

Add name of organisation if the person belongs to a particular institute.

Also mention date of submission]


[Give brief summary of what the report is all about]


[Describe the objective of the report and what you hope to achieve from it]


[Give the age group, gender and locality of the people or the place where you are conducting your research and on the basis of which you have written this project]


[Mention what methods you have used in order to conduct your research and how you have included them in your report.]


[Give the details of the report with proper headings, bullet points, charts and diagrams where required]


[Conclude the report by summarizing everything you have written before]


[Mention names of all books, websites etc from where you have taken help]