A word sales invoice template is used to create a sales invoice which is a non-negotiable document issued by the vendor to the customer that records the sale of goods or services. Word has the option of many types of invoice templates and one can choose from those to create a sales invoice. Since a sales invoice basically involves the list of goods sold along with their prices, the invoice template must have categories which clearly describe it so that the information can be put by the invoice maker. Word also has the option of including many tables, pricing charts etc which can be added to the sales invoice template.

You can Download the Free Word Sales Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Word Sales Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Word Sales Invoice Template:

Word Sales Invoice Template

Download Word Sales Invoice Template

Company logo: [Give your company’s logo here]Invoice number: [Mention the invoice number]Date: [Write down the date of sending this invoice]Expiration date: [Give date of expiration] Name: [Give name of your company] Address: [Give address of your company] 

Phone: [Mention phone number]


Email: [Give your email address]


 Recipient information:Contact name: [Give name of receiver]Address: [Give address of receiver]

Phone: [Mention phone number]

Customer ID: [Mention customer ID]

 Billing Address:Name: [Give name of receiver of goods]Address: [Give address of receiver]

Phone: [Mention phone number]

Order number: [Mention any order number]

Invoice details

Product Quantity Price Item total Tax rate Tax net



Sales tax: 

Processing fee:




 [Give the subtotal of the amount]

[Mention sales tax amount]

[Give the amount of processing fee]

[Mention the grand total amount]

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