A word sales receipt template is used to create a sales receipt by filling up information about a sales transaction in the readymade spaces offered by a word template. A sales receipt is a document which records information like the date and time of sale, what were the items sold, the number of items sold and the total purchase amount, name and location of the seller and his company, method of shipping, payment options and any other sales related information required to be put in the sales receipt. Sales receipt templates contain all these categories which aids one in creating an actual sales receipt for any transaction.

You can Download the Free Word Sales Receipt Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Word Sales Receipt Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Word Sales Receipt Template:

Word Sales Receipt Template

Download Word Sales Receipt Template

Company details

Give company logo here


Name: [Mention name of company]Address: [Give company address]Phone number: [Give phone number of company]

Buyer details

Name: [Mention name of person to whom products were sold to]Address: [Give address of buyer]Phone number: [Give address of buyer]

Payment details

Payment method: [Mention if the payment is made through credit card, debit card, cheque, net banking or cash]Date of purchase: [Give date when product was sold]
Quantity[Mention number of items] Item[Mention type of item] Description[Describe the product briefly] Unit price[Give price of each item] Discount[Mention if there is any discount] Line total[Give total amount]
Thank you for doing business with us. We hope to see you soon.Signature of salesperson: __________   Total discount: Subtotal: Sales tax:


Grand total:

[Give total amount of discount][Mention subtotal amount][Add sales tax amount][Give final total amount]