The Work performance evaluation template is a kind of template serves as a reference point for reviewing the performance of every employee.

The work performance of the employee per year are being evaluated so that the management of the company or organization where you worked for will know if you are on the right path for the position that you are entitled and worth to be in the company.

This will also be the basis for performance appraisals wherein certain employee will be given a recognition because of the exemplary performance that he or she made which added to the success and meeting the goals of the company. Either increase in salary or promotion will be the offer of the company after being reviewed and resulted to positive feedback from your work performance.

The work performance evaluation template will inform the employee for the behavior and action that needs to be corrected, improved or maintained. This is conducted by the Human Resource Department in every organization or company with the coordination to the higher authority and supervisor of which the employee is under.

Sample Work Performance Evaluation Template


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