Yoga brochure templates are being presented by various yoga centres or institutes that teach yoga. This depicts how efficient yoga teachings and programs they deliver to their clients. These templates consist of all that information which must be present in any kind of yoga brochure. These templates form the ready to use document which are then used by yoga institute owners to popularise their class or centre. There is blank space left so that the user can add in his personal details in order to customise the document. Samples of different brochure templates are available on this website to suit your purpose and requirement.

Sample Yoga Brochure Template



Download Yoga Brochure Template


Name _________________________ [name of the yoga-teaching center]

Motto/Logo ______________________________

Address ______________________________

Learn Yoga for a healthy life. [Mention about all the yoga that is being taught under each category and the purpose they serve to our body]


________________ [Asana 1]

____________________________________________________ [purpose of Asana 1]

____________________ [Asana 2]

____________________________________________________ [purpose of Asana 2]


_________________ [Meditation 1]

________________________ [purpose of Meditation 1]

___________________ [Meditation 2]

___________________________ [purpose of meditation 2]

Special Yoga for healing diseases:

_________________________ [Special Yoga]

____________________ [Purpose of Special Yoga]

Packages Offered: [mention about the packages that is offered along with cost and duration]

Packages                              Duration                          Cost

_____ [package 1]              ________                        ________

______ [package 2]                 ________                         _________

Special packages: ___________________________

Discount is available on __________________________ [mention when concession is provided to the customers]