A yoga pamphlet template is a readymade document which can be used as a yoga pamphlet just by making a few additions and changes. Such templates prove to be time saving and money saving as well because the organisations using them do not have to hire experts to frame them.

You can Download the Free Yoga Pamphlet Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Yoga Pamphlet Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Yoga Pamphlet Template:

Yoga Pamphlet Template

Downlaod Template

Topic: _______________ [mention here the name of the yoga pamphlet or the title or topic of the pamphlet]

[Insert here a picture depicting the topic in the best possible manner]

Name of Yoga posture: _______________ [mention here the name of the yoga posture or position which is supposed to be discusses in the pamphlet]

How to achieve the yoga posture:

  • [in points mention step by step how to achieve the yoga posture is the most easy way]
  • ________
  • ___________

How long:

  • [Mention the amount of time for which the yoga posture must be kept. Write also the how many time a day and how many times a week should this yoga exercise must be done]


  • [Mention here the that when and on what point of day must the yoga exercise should be done, for example: what must be the right food items that should be consumed before and after the yoga posture]

Benefits of the yoga posture:

  • [Write the various benefits and uses of the yoga position and how it brings about positive changes in one’s body]

When to avoid:

  • [Write down the various conditions in which this yoga posture must be avoided]