Youth ministry or youth groups are groups, usually associated with faith and religion, which aim at working in close interaction with the youth of a parish or neighbourhood to facilitate development of spirituality and mental and physical health. Thus, a youth ministry brochure template must be designed keeping this function in mind. These templates must consist of the details and information about the youth group and its practices and activities so as to reach out to different people to promote the group. Any such template can be customised by people to fit into their required criteria and details can be easily added.

These youth ministry brochure templates are useful for saving time as well as are helpful for those who do not have enough experience at drafting these documents.

Sample Youth Ministry Brochure Template



Download Youth Ministry Brochure Template


Name: _______________________________________ [Name of youth ministry]

Year of establishment: _____________________________ [Mention the relevant year]

A branch of: ____________________________________ [Mention the group under which this youth group works]

Our motto: _______________________ [Enumerate the same]

Parish: _________________ location: ____________________________________ [Mention the parish and location within which the youth ministry works]

Age group we work with: ____________ [Mention the relevant age group]

Our forthcoming activities:

  • Activity 1: ________________
  • Activity 2: ________________
  • Activity 3: ________________ [Enlist the activities and events in the annual calendar of the youth group]

Nominal Charges: ______________________ $ [per person] [Mention the token amount charged by the youth ministry for participation in its program]