A Zoology Quiz Template is a template which is made and framed in such a way that it fits in questions related to Zoology and acts like a ready to use and customizable document which can be used as a Zoology quiz. Such kind of templates prove to be really helpful and for those looking for zoology readymade quizzes as it helps to save time and the need for special experts to frame he quiz.

You can Download the Free Zoology Quiz Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Zoology Quiz Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Zoology Quiz Template:

Zoology Quiz Template

Download Zoology Quiz Template

Participant’s name: _____________ [name of person taking the quiz]

Age of participant: ___________ [age in years of person taking the quiz]

School/college/institute name: _______________

Residential address of participant: ________________

Do you like zoology: _____________ [yes/no]

Till which level in school or college have you studied zoology:_____________[mention the level or grade]

The following is a list of zoology questions, all of whom must be answered in order to complete the entire quiz. Pick one out of the options mentioned.

  • A condition in which the normal skin colour becomes absent is known as :
  1. Albinism
  2. Insulin
  3. Anaemia

D.  Jaundice

[This question is asked to test the general zoology knowledge of the participant]

  • Name one of the two proteins present in the muscle:
  1. Gland
  2. Vein
  3. Actin

D.  None of the above

[This question is meant to test a little higher level of zoology knowledge of the participant]

  • What is the name given to the process of bone formation?
  1. Clarification
  2. Ossification
  3. Decertification

D.  Identification

[This question is asked in order to know about firmer zoology knowledge]